Saturday, August 5, 2017

Polishing Old Gems

Whilst my house was in a state of chaos and clutter, all I could think of was a new house, well designed and clutter-free.  And now that half of my current house is clutter-free, I'm looking at this house with new eyes. I'm seeing what can be done here to make a more beautiful house, and better place to live. Some of the rooms have been untouched since we moved in 10 years ago.

The kitchen was one of the first rooms to be decluttered. Since the arrival of the new fridge, I'll looking at it with new eyes. The leaner and more pared back the kitchen becomes, the more I like it.

The plan is to break down the kitchen make-over into many simple, easily contained projects. This will hopefully enable the kitchen never to look a mess.
  • wash the front wall
  • paint the front wall white
  • add a clock to the front wall
  • remove the plate and mug rack
  • wash the back wall
  • paint the back wall white
  • erect open shelves for mugs, glasses and plates
  • remove glasses cabinet
  • remove wire hanging mesh on side wall
  • wash side wall
  • paint side wall
  • put up magnetic knife strip
  • put up utensil bar and hooks
Then things get a smidge bigger in scale. The white and exposed wood is to be painted with gloss, and the cabinet doors and drawers to be painted dark brown (Java gel stain). The last step will be to put down new flooring.

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