Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A tidier, non-exploded house

Whilst I haven't been blogging about the mini-challenges, I have been continuing to do them.  Slowly, bit by bit the house is getting tidier and de-cluttered.  

Recently we had a gas leak and needed to empty the under stair cupboard.  This cupboard had not been fully emptied by the previous owners, or the one before them!  They had left 'useful' things like tiles (3 sorts), laminate flooring, cork matting, random bits of wood, and lots of emulsion. We have had a massive clear out from that cupboard, the hall and the front porch.  Lots of things have found new homes and some things have gone to be recycled. 

After this huge endeavour, it's back to the dining room and bringing that room into good shape.

When I think of house was just before Easter, I am amazed at the changes.  It feels so good to have so many good spaces, and that we are able to maintain them to a reasonable standard. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Crazy Knitting Lady?

Last week, my joints were in serious 'whinge-mode' due to the bad weather.  A beautiful purple lace scarf was draped around my neck and shoulders, fingerless gloves in 'blue jeans' kept my wrists warm, and rainbow socks resulted in toasty ankles.  Sadly, it mad me look like 'crazy knitting lady'.   One person suggested that I had been 'yarn bombed'.

This winter might be just the time to make some wrist warmers/fingerless gloves and socks in neutral colours. Then I wouldn't look like I had dressed in the dark.  The plan starts with fingerless gloves in black.  When they are finished, I'll make some matching socks.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Monthly Goals - October

I didn't meet many goals for September, although I did manage to accomplish a number of other things.  Some of these things included keeping up with the Mini-Challenges, re-starting at choir, going to the Embroiders' Guild, starting the renovation of the dining room, significant tidy up of daughter's room and a general improvement in my health and stamina.

This month, my goals are going to be kept to a minimum, and there will be a 'It would be nice to do'.  

  • finish the knitted jacket
  • finish the sunflower quilt
  • paint the duvet cover
  • make progress in the dining room
  • keep going out and meeting people
That's my list of things I want to achieve this month.

It would be nice to:
  • knit some hats from stash
  • start a Christmas quilt
  • empty the laundry basket
  • keep up with a daily exercise program - at the moment it is 10 minute on the bike, 10 weighted lifts whilst lying down, 10 standing lifts and a daily incrementing number of full squats.  
It was lovely last Sunday when an older friend saw me sink to my knees to pick up something, and then just rise again.  Straight down, straight up.  She was amazed by it.  

Monthly Goals - September

Last month I set some goals for myself:

  • finish the current project, a knitted jacket
  • finish Christmas socks for Mam
  • make a fish hat for Daughter #2
  • transform old kitchen stool into toadstool
  • use fabric paint to make a Christmas present
  • to finish chicken pin cushion (1st Sept)
  • learn applique (2nd Sept started work on it)
  • learn quilt-as-you-go technique
  • use the technique to start a quilt 
  • keep a tidy kitchen (managed mostly)
  • maintain an almost empty laundry basket
And, I have managed to do two things!  I have been doing other things as well, but, I'm sad I only achieved two of my goals.  The kitchen has mostly been kept tidy, but the laundry basket overflows!