Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alpaca Blanket

My first purchase of yarn in one year was two 50g balls of Drops Alpaca in turquoise.  I've decided to make a Granny Square blanket in various shades of blues and greens.  When I've used up the 100g, I'll buy some more yarn from Sweet Ginger in Ramsey.  

Yarn: Drops Alpaca (5 ply)
Colour: 2918 (deep turquoise)
Dyelot: 312260
Hook: 3.5mm

Pattern: 8 round Granny Square

A year without new yarn!

This last year has been rather odd.  I decided to go a year without buying yarn in an attempt to bring my yarn stash under control.  There was a minor hiccough in November when I was asked for a fox hat as a Christmas present, but didn't have the yarn to make it.  The Beloved bought the yarn for me, to enable the present to be made.  After the fox hat was made I started using up the leftovers.  This resulted in a second hat, and four pairs of fingerless mittens! 

My year has come to an end, and I have my 'one year chip'.

Whilst this is a lovely accomplishment,  it has come at a certain cost.  Instead of yarning (knitting or crocheting), I have been fabric-ing.  Two quilts and a Christmas table runner have been made.  Fabric has been bought.  Essentially I have switched from one form of stash enlargement to another!

Therefore, I am ditching the 'Cold Sheep' method of stash reduction, and am returning to 'two from stash, then one new'.  To get new yarn or fabric, I need to complete two projects from stash yarn or fabric, and only then can I buy something new.  There will be a little bit of wiggle room, and a tiny bit can be bought to finish a project.  However, the underlying principle is 'two from stash, then one new'.