Saturday, November 18, 2017

Meeting up with Yarnies

At Yarnies today, I learned a little bit about the Japanese way of wrapping presents in fabric, (Furoshiki). This is the simplest style, wrapping a cuboid in a square of fabric. 

I have about 2.5m of the embroidered fabric, and about the same of plain. My plan is to make as many large squares as possible, and use the remnants to gift bags. 

When a friend was showing the technique to me, she explained people are much less likely to want to keep a square of fabric than a gift bag. She finds gift bags are often kept, but fabric squares and handed back.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fabric Gift Bags

Work has started on fabric gift bags. The idea is to cut down on wrapping paper, but so far people have received gifts in fabric bags have said "Do I get to keep the bag?" and they say it with such a look of "I promise to be good, and use it!" that I haven't had the heart to say 'Sorry. no'.  Ah well, as long as it's being used. 

Sewing with this fabric was tad problematic. Every time I stitched through someone's head I apologised. "Sorry Jean Luc. Sorry Deana, sorry Geordie ..." It helped me to think of it as cranial acupuncture.

The second of the gift bags is being posted later, and I don't have any expectation of getting it back. The next batch, I hope to use for Christmas, and keep them at least for a little while.


And another one.

Dining Room and Hall

Today's To Do list is very short and simple. It will not take much time. This leaves more time for working on the Christmas wall hanging.

I'm trying to get into a regular routine of dealing with cleaning. I've been finding it easier to do a big blitz rather than having a regular schedule. My suspicion is that a regular set of tasks will keep the place looking better more of the time rather than the highs and lows of blitz cleaning.

To Do
put laundry away
dust piano and shelves
wipe table
sweep floors
straighten shoes
go shopping

Ta Da!
write shopping list
write list of irregular cleaning tasks
wash laundry
dry laundry

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bathroom and Loo

Whilst cleaning the bathroom this morning, I was pondering. Why am I spraying cleaning fluid over the bath? It hasn't been used since the last time it was cleaned, nor the time before that, or the time before that! Why am I not just dusting it? And if I'm continually dusting something that's never used, why hasn't it been decluttered?

The bathroom is going to be redesigned in the next few years. Will the bath be disappearing? We have a downstairs shower room, and it is used every say, but the bathroom, which is beside the bedrooms, is used for to wash hands and teeth. It's also the location of the linen cupboard.  Wouldn't it make farm more sense to have a room people really want to use? A lovely big walk-in shower would be far better for us.

There's actually enough space to have a bath, walk-in shower, sink and linen cupboard. This might be the optimal solution!

To Do
put towels away

Ta Da!
clean sinks and surrounds
clean bath
wipe window ledge
put out fresh hand towels
wash loo floor
wash towels
vacuum carpet
dry towels
wash dishes
wipe work tops

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today's To Do and Ta Da!

Tuesdays are bedroom days. It's time for a bedroom tidy up.

All of my 'to do's are 'ta done'!

Ta Da!
change bed linens
wash bed linens
straighten beside tables
change towels
dust bookcase, bedside tables, blanket box, chest of drawers and mirror
wipe window ledges
empty bin
remove clutter
empty bin in loo
mop kitchen floor
make fish pie for dinner
wash laundry
dry laundry
send cloth badge to Helen's daughter
put away laundry
make brownies

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 46: First Aid

Monday: Read Organized Home Challenge #46: Medicine & First Aid Kit
Tuesday: Dispose of expired and unused medications
Wednesday: Make sure have adequate first aid kit contents
Thursday: Organize and safely store rest of medications
Friday: Declutter and organize liquor and wine cabinet
Saturday: Declutter unused musical instruments
Sunday: Declutter key ring of excess stuff

Medicines and First Aid kits were attended to in October. 

I only have one bottle of alcohol - whisky for feeding Christmas cakes. The Beloved has some wine, and perhaps beer, but it's up to him to decide if anything needs to leave. As a family, we consume very little alcohol. I suspect most of it is in the form of coq au vin, or chicken in cider.

Our instruments are played regularly. The piano was put into the dining room whilst the house was being built. To remove it would require the piano to be taken to bits, the window or newel post removed.  Even if it is only play whilst the Elder Offspring is at home, it stays.

My keying has a metal fob, and the front door key. Minimal, and effective.

A 15 Minute Day

After last week's illness, I thought I had recovered and many plans were made for today. And, nope! It ain't gonna happen. This needs to be a simple, easy day, a 15 Minute Day.

My day will be split into 15 minute segments. The first 15 minutes will be spent working, then the next will be time for rest. At the end of a rest period a decision will be made -  'back to work' or 'rest a bit more'. It's a way of getting stuff done whilst not ending up as a quivering little exhausted mess on the floor. 

So far, I've put on a load of laundry, swept the rear vestibule and the kitchen floor, and popped last night's dishes in to soak. Hold on, a To Do/Ta Da list is looming!

To Do
wash floor
make chocolate brownies

Ta Da!
wash a load of laundry
sweep rear vestibule
sweep kitchen
wash dishes
wipe work tops
dry laundry
wash sink
clean oven
wash bin
send birthday card to Dad
order birthday present for Dad
put away dishes
plan dinner
tidy sitting room
fold laundry
wipe appliances
put away laundry


For a 15 Minute Day, along with a migraine, I'm really rather surprised with all I have managed to fit in. Also squeezed in was some sewing, making the Christmas tree quilted hanging for the dining room. 

I'll try to get the floor washed tomorrow and make the brownies.

Christmas Tree Quilted Hanging

I saw this beautiful quilt at Quilting Digest. It was made by Material Girl Quilts. I'm going to make something similar using some of the fabric I have left over from the Christmas Tree table runner I made a couple of years ago.

All of the dark green with gold fabric was used up, as was the tree trunk brown, but I shall be using the lighter green, the swirly white, and the red border. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Monday: Kitchen
  • clean work tops and sink
  • wipe down cooker and appliances
  • empty bin
  • wash bin
  • wash floor

Tuesday: Bedroom
  • change bed linens
  • sweep floor
  • put away clothing
  • straighten beside tables
  • dust bookcase, bedside tables, blanket box, chest of drawers and mirror
  • wipe window ledges
  • empty bin

Wednesday: Bathroom, Shower Room and Loo
  • clean sinks and surrounds
  • clean bath
  • wipe window ledge
  • put out fresh hand towels
  • vacuum carpet
  • clean shower clean loo
  • wash floors
  • empty bin

Thursday: Dining Room and Hall
  • dust piano and shelves
  • wipe table
  • sweep floors
  • straighten shoes

Friday: Sitting Room
  • remove clutter
  • straighten sofas and chairs
  • vacuum floor
  • dust sideboard, coffee table, and bookcases
  • empty bin

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thinking of Christmas

Last Christmas we tried "Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read." and a Christmas stocking. It worked out really rather well for us. The Beloved, The Offsprings and I each had the same amount of money spent on Christmas gifts. If it wasn't all spent on these four gifts a cheque was included in the stocking.

Various gifts have been bought. Some have arrived. Now I need to get on and make gift bags, and a Christmas tree skirt. I also want to make a Christmas tree wall hanging, some quilted trees and a few Jul Tomtar.