Sunday, April 27, 2014

Note to Self

Dear Maghouin Beg,

It would be immensely handy if you could index things properly by use of  'labels'.  Some words make excellent search terms. 

In this particular case, when you know that you have posted your recipe for Chocolate Brownies, the 'excellent search terms' are 'baking' and 'recipes'.  It makes life so much easier, well, the baking element of life, so much easier when you think to label a recipe for gluten-free Chocolate Brownies with the keywords 'recipes' and 'baking'.  It doesn't take anywhere near as long to search for the recipe.

Best wishes,


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rainbow Socks

If you are paying close attention, you might be able to recognise some of the colours in these socks with the colours of the mitred squares.

Mitred Squares in Sock Yarn

After knitting a few pairs (cough) of socks, I seem to have a few (cough) little balls of sock yarn left over.  This is what happened when I started trying to use up some of the yarn.

I haven't quite decided what I am going to do with this fabric as yet.  It might become a cushion cover, but it might be a baby blanket.  Who knows?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Cakes

A few lemon cup cakes with fondant flowers and leaves.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Candy Stripe Socks

After the bright, bright pink socks, here's a toned down version - Candy Stripe Socks.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Minion Time

My delightful children are asking for interesting birthday cakes.  Here's the latest.


Sock it to April!

February had the hat-a-thon, and April has been designated 'sock month'.  April is also my elder daughter's birthday, and she has a love of hand knitted socks in bright colours, but with no pattern.

The leader of my choir always has cold feet, and last week I asked if she might like some woollen socks.  There was a resounding 'Yes'.  It just so happens that pink is her favourite colour, which is rather handy as it means I can use up the remains of the sock yarn from my daughter's socks.  One sock has been made, but I don't want to start the other one just yet.  S needs to try on the first sock to ensure it fits well before I start the second sock. I'm fine about ripping back one sock, but not two. :o)  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yarn no longer whispers; it shouts!

It used to be that yarn would whisper to me, singing a quiet gentle song of soft, warm, tender love.  Now the stuff is starting to shout! This might be because it has been left on a shelf, in a box, in a bag, discarded, forgotten. 

February was the hat month - a marathon of 26 hats.  I thought that I was hatted out, but it seems not.  A lovely friend was in need of a new hat.

And this has brought hats back to my attention, and a certain little ball of yarn...

The yarn was originally bought to make a pair of socks, but the left overs were set aside.

The left over yarn had enough of being neglected and unloved, and started shouting at me "Knit me!  Knit me.  I want to be a hat."  Therefore I duly started knitting it into a hat.  I was fearful of not having enough yarn to make a complete hat, so I added in some love dark, dark navy yarn.  And one hat was finished (the one on the left).  There was still yarn left, and it was shouting. Hat two was made.  And there was still yarn left over!  Hat three was made, and there was only 15cm of yarn left.  At last the yarn had stopped shouting.

These hats will be added to my charity box, and will most likely be given to the Southern Befrienders for their Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Something woolly has happened to Douglas!

The Manx Yarnies have been doing a little bit of spring decorating.