Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting crafty, and tidy

Mondays are days to do what I want.  

Today, is wet and wintry.  I want to snuggle up on the sofa and craft.  One fingerless mitten has been finished, and then second one is at least half way done.  The pattern for the fingerless mittens is currently being written.  

My house is in need of some attention, and today the kitchen and the laundry room are receiving a little bit of TLC (tender, loving care).  But I am fearful about those rooms going into shock, so they are only getting the TLC for about 10 minutes in each hour. :o)

This gives time to improve the situation, and get some crafting done.

So far, there has been knitting, pattern writing and testing.  In the kitchen the chicken has been transformed into stock, and the stock into carrot soup.  In the laundry room, three loads of laundry are/have been washed.  One load is in the dryer, and two load have been sorted and folded.  These will be disappearing upstairs soon.    All in all, it's looking tidier.

Reasons to be cheerful

A few days ago a friend on Facebook lined to a quiz about 1980s music. I scored a very respectable 12 out of 12.  This was on 'Black Friday', and rather than have a rant about the insidious nature of this  despicable import being forced upon a culture, I decided to be thankful instead.  The words of Ian Dury and The Blockheads started running through my head, Reasons to be Cheerful.

This is so much better than being ranty!  Reasons to be cheerful.  There's so many reasons to be cheerful, and I'm having a hard job choosing just the one thing to post about each day.  There is no real order to them, just what pops into my head, and then isn't displaced by something else by the time I come to post it.

1.  My first reason to be cheerful is someone named in the song, 'Miss Molly'.  Miss Molly was a person I knew on-line.  She died almost 13 years ago.  The way she approached death was an inspiration to all who came in contact with her.  Even though death was stalking her, she was very much alive.  She encouraged people live life, and not to fear death.  

Reasons to be cheerful - part 1:  I am alive, and have a life worth living.

2.  I have a stash.  No, two, sorry, three... at least, stashes.  There's my yarn stash.  There's my fabric stash, and there's books.  These stashes represent the potential for many happy hours.  There's happiness in planning, joy in making and a delight in using or giving things away.

3.  Reasons to be cheerful - part 3:  This is the song that started the whole thing.  It would make no sense if it were not included!

4.  A wet and wintry day off has created the perfect excuse to smuggle up on the sofa and do some Christmas crafting.