Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cold Sheeping

Sometimes knitters, and other crafters have a little problem when they buy materials faster than they use them up.  The crafting stash grows and grows out of control.  Last month's Hat Marathon was a reaction of the vast amount of yarn I have.  Making 26 hats used up an amount, but there is still a way to go before my stash is down to a more manageable level.

Yesterday I hit my 60th day at Cold Sheeping (buying no yarn at all).  I have been awarded two 'clips' for my abtention.


I have realised that it is not for me. I am a Moderate Merino (limited yarn purchases) lass through and through. My plan for the rest of the year is to work through as much stash as possible. But I will be allowing myself to buy some new yarn to make gifts for others, and if I have been really good, to make an odd gift for me too. :o)

Today is my first day as a Moderate, and my first act is to buy some yarn for two projects.  This yarn is to make a hat for a good friend, and as a highlight yarn in a shawl for myself.